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Brighten Your Home With Our Top-Of-The-Line House Washing Services

At American House Wash Inc, we take great pride in our ability to transform your home and make it look new again. Take advantage of our wide range of services available that include house, deck, siding, and roof washing.
See a noticeable difference in the look of your home when you hire our professionals for your washing needs.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of all our services available nor do all these services always apply to every situation. If you have other service needs that are not mentioned on this form, please contact us to discuss those needs.

Standard House Wash

This service typically removes the green and black mildew, cobwebs, loose dirt, pollen, etc. from the siding, trim, gutters, shutters, windows, and doors, utilizing a soft wash technique. It'll not remove mud stains, dust stains, other stains, tree sap, artillery fungus spores, candle wax, scuffs, adhesive, caulking, pen, pencil or marker, petroleum, oxidation, or the carbon streaks usually seen on guttering.

Gutter Scrub

This service involves scrubbing the exterior of the gutters in an attempt to remove the carbon streaks left on the gutters after the Standard House Wash. Occasionally, we encounter situations where the carbon streaks will not be significantly reduced even with the scrubbing.

If that's the case, we'll cease our attempts and you'll not be charged for the Gutter Scrub. Please be aware that a successful Gutter Scrub doesn't intimate a perfect outcome. There'll always be some faint shadow stains left.

Siding Sealant Application

Siding Sealant/Rinse Aid Application: Apply siding sealant after washing. This product is designed to enhance the look of vinyl and aluminum siding, retard mildew formation, and reduce the likelihood of water spots on glass. Don't have us apply this on anything that you plan to paint within the next year.
Deck Wash

Deck Wash

This service includes the application of deck detergent and then a light pressure wash. The purpose for the deck detergent is to minimize the pressure needed to remove the oxidation, mildew, and dirt, thereby minimizing the damage that pressure can do to the wood.

Deck Neutralizing or Brightening the Wood

Detergents change the PH of wood, which causes the wood to be darkened and can reduce the ability of subsequent stains or sealers to bond with the wood. This step assures that the PH is back to neutral.

Roof Wash

This service is to remove the black streaks from the slopes. This'll not remove rust stains. The algae which cause the roof streaks tend to grow in the moistest sections of the roof.

Those sections are often between rafters where the roof sags slightly. Even after the roof is cleaned, these alternating sags and rises can give the illusion of streaks.
Concrete Wash

Concrete Wash Or Etch

This cleans the typical mildew growth that can occur in concrete. Etching is a procedure that'll typically remove orange stains from young concrete without damage.
House Washing

Things to Remember About Our Washing Services

House washing carries the risk of window spotting and, with vinyl siding, "run-out". We'll be vigilant to minimize the risk of both occurrences. Please understand however, that these problems can develop even after we're gone and call-backs to correct them will incur separate charges.
  • Window Spotting: The soap tends to loosen oxidized layers of siding and paint; this oxidation then gets mixed with the rinse water and usually is thoroughly removed. Sometimes however, some of the rinse will seep out from above the window and drip onto the glass or dries before it can be rinsed. When the water evaporates, the oxidation is left and appears as white streaks or spots. If you have storm windows, streaks should be expected. That is because most storm windows don't seal tightly and therefore the wash water tends to get on the inside, carrying with it soap and dirt
  • Run-out: Similar to the potential for window spotting is the likely issue of run-out. This occurs with vinyl siding where water drips out of the vinyls' weep holes carrying dirt with it
  •  Artillery fungus spores: These appear as raised black dots peppered on the siding, windows, and guttering near mulch beds. Their removal is not part of our services
  • Oxidation: Vinyl and aluminum oxidize. While we attempt not to disturb this layer, there's always some oxidation that comes off. Sometimes the removal of a layer of dirt and loose oxidation exposes uneven oxidation underneath. Please be aware that after washing you may notice variations that you didn't notice before. Vertical lines where the studs are in the wall and dew marks are common
  • Rubber flashing absorbs stains (even mildew stains) and does not come clean. This is typically found on vinyl windows and most arched features
  • Occasionally we encounter situations where the carbon streaks will not be significantly reduced even with the scrubbing. If that's the case, we'll cease our attempts and you'll not be charged for the Gutter Scrub. Please be aware that a successful Gutter Scrub doesn't intimate a perfect outcome. There'll sometimes be some faint shadow stains left
Deck Washing

Deck Washing

Deck washing (unless otherwise specified) services are limited to the following: tops of floor boards, exposed ends of floor boards, outside surface of band boards, posts, all surfaces of railings except the bottoms of horizontal boards, the outside surfaces of stair stringers, outside of lattice, and stair risers.

We don't include these services unless specified - joints, bottoms of horizontal railing boards, bottoms and side edges of floor boards, back sides of stair risers, inside surfaces of stair stringers, pergolas, ceilings, rafters, trim, upper band boards, inside of lattice, and anything not typically found on decks.
Insurance: For verification of insurance coverage, call Blue Ridge Insurance Agency at 434-237-7770.

Scheduling: We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis and work from a list of projects. While we try to give an estimate of when we may be available, please understand that it's not a scheduled date. We'll call or email no more than two days in advance to schedule. If you have a deadline for completion, communicate that before having your project added to our list.
Water use: Unless otherwise specified, we use the customer's water. Charges may be applied if the water supply is insufficient.
Payment: We'll appreciate if you make the payment upon completion of work, and it should not exceed 30 days. Maximum legal interest per annum and cost of collections if payment is not made within 30 days. Payments should be mailed to Eric Zehr, 81 New Covenant Lane, Rustburg, VA 24588.
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